Click here for more info about what I have been doing over the past few years. Having emersed myself in the world of digital I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing people and business areas. From touches of Holywood right down to the grass roots of UK business. *** THIS SITE IS STILL UNDERGOING WORK ***. Thank you for visiting.

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  • Web

    Work on eCommerce to Portfolio websites

    I have developed and designed a host of websites over the years including UX / Journey / SEO / PPC

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  • Design


    Photoshop is inspiring with what you can do to create imagery.

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  • Projects

    Prince 2

    Stepping on the path of project delivery

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  • Media

    Working on media campaigns

    Media campaigns

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Short bio

Graduated with Honours in London.
I have a passion for digital, whether it be glossy design or grainy art, there is a mountain of projects that I have worked on and learned many things from whilst interacting both in the real and virtual world.

Digital Highlights